Troy LaVard
Placeholder other
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 27
Occupation University Professor
Hotel Owner
Family (Unnamed) - Father (Deceased)

(Unnamed) - Mother (Deceased)
Rachel LaVard - Sister

Martin LaVard - Brother
First Appearance Days Gone Bye
Status Alive
Series lifespan Days Gone Bye to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Troy LaVard is the main protagonist, and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead: A New World.

Character AppearanceEdit

In the fanfiction, Troy is described to have black hair.

His eye color is True Sapphire

In Episode One, Troy is wearing a red jacket, white shirt, and blue jeans.

Character PersonalityEdit


Troy was a hotel owner, his hotel being called "LaVard Hotel".

Troy met Anthony at a very young age, during first grade.

During third grade, Troy made a friend named Laura.

Once Troy and his friends grew into a teenagers, the trio started their own adventures, exploring caves and jumping roofs, occasionally playing videos.

When they became adults, Troy decided to move away to jumpstart a career in being a hotel owner, but he kept contact with Anthony and Laura.

A few months later, Troy reunited with Antohny.

During the time Anthony was gone from Troy's life, he met a girl named Emily.

Anthony and Emily started a romantic relationship, and eventually got engaged.

During this time, Troy's hotel business picked up, and he made a friend named Jim.

Anthony and Emily eventually got married in Troy's hotel.

Troy reunited with Laura, and their friendship picked up once again.

One day, while Troy was on vacation in Chicago with Anthony and Emily, things went to chaos....


Day 1Edit

Right off the bat, Troy is seen running away from walkers, he eventually stumbles into Jim.

Troy and Jim make their to a Walmart, in which they are rescued by Anthony and Emily, escaping in Anthony's van.

Day 26Edit

Troy and the others, in Anthony's van, eventually finds Laura and two other survivors walking along the road, those other two survivors being Luke, and Ben.

Troy recongizes Laura, and convinces Anthony to pick up Laura and her two friends.

The group of four became a group of seven.

Season 1Edit

"Days Gone Bye"Edit

"A Safe Place" Edit

"No More Safety"Edit

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