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Character Stats
Status Alive
Age 27
Gender Male
Relations Anthony Williams- Best Friend

Emily Williams- Close Friend

Ben Wilde- Close Friend

Hair Color Black
First Appearance "Days Gone Bye"
Life Span "Days Gone Bye" to Present.
Troy LaVard is the main protagonist, and survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead: A New World. Troy is the very first protagonist of the series, and one of the original survivors starting Episode One of Season One.

Character AppearanceEdit

In the fanfiction, Troy is described to have black hair, his hairstyle described as rockstar appeal.

His eye color is True Sapphire

In Episode One, Troy is wearing a red jacket, white shirt, and blue jeans.

There is a gun holster on the side of his jeans, with a Colt Officers Model .38 SPL in it.

Character PersonalityEdit


Troy was a hotel owner, his hotel being called "LaVard Hotel".

Troy met Anthony at a very young age, during first grade, once the two had grown up into teenagers, Troy and Anthony spent their time playing video games, or jumping rooftops.

Eventually, Troy and Anthony parted ways for a few years.

Troy and Anthony reunited in Troy's hotel

Troy noticed that someone was by Anthony's side-- It was Emily, Anthony's new wife, Troy congratulates Anthony for his achievement.

One morning, Troy, completely unaware of the outbreak, was walking around the neighborhood, until he noticed something... and things proceeded to go chaotic.


Day 16Edit

After the initial zombie outbreak, during Day 16 of the outbreak, Troy hid in one of the dumpsters, but he was eventually found by Anthony and Emily, who were escaping the neighborhood.

Troy, Anthony, and Emily drove away from the neighborhood in Emily's Minivan.

Day 21Edit

The trio drove through an empty road, until they noticed hitchhikers...

Those hitchhikers being Ben, Laura, and Luke.

Troy instantly recognizes Ben, and tells Anthony and Emily to pick them up.

After Ben introduced Laura and Luke to the trio, Ben, Laura, and Luke enter the minivan, and they continue along the road.

Season 1Edit

"Days Gone Bye"Edit

Troy first appears ingame (Or inpage, to say),

"A Safe Place" Edit

"No More Safety"Edit

"Hopeless Times"Edit

"No Way Out"Edit

Season 2Edit

"What Comes After"Edit

"Seperate Ways"Edit

"Where We Are Now"Edit

"Servered Lives"Edit

"Nothing Left"Edit

Killed VictimsEdit

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