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Character Stats
Status Alive
Age 2 (Dog Years)

19 (Human Years)

Gender Male
Relations George Carvens- Former Owner

Michael McKeon- Current Owner

Hair Color Fur Color: Black and Beige.
First Appearance "What Comes After"
Life Span "What Comes After" to Present
Spot is the pet of Michael McKeon, and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead: A New World. Spot was the former pet of George Carvens, but is now part of the Trailer Park Group, that Laura encounters if she was saved in "Days Gone Bye".

Character AppearanceEdit

Spot is a German Shephard, with the German Shephard appearance.

Character PersonalityEdit

Spot is a dog, i don't know if he has much of a personality.

Pre-Apolcalypse Edit


Season 2Edit

"What Comes After"Edit